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Eurothane Ltd
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Eurothane provides a high quality service and product one would expect from a well established global company.

The flexibility, capabilies and efficiencies of its structure are achieved through close partnerships and collaboration with its clients.

Our products are based on polyesters, polyethers, polycaprolactones, MDI, PPDI and various glycols. Our grades range in hardness from 70º Shore A to 85º Shore D.

We have the ability to produce chemical equivalents to most TPU's on the market and can go one step further by fine tuning formulations to match customer requirements.

The latest addition to our portfolio is a range of High Temperature TPU’s based on the isocyanate PPDI. This product offers a combination of properties not previously obtained with polyurethane.

We also supply colour compounded materials, currently in over 110 colours, in quantities as small as 25kg. Our manufacturing techniques also enable us to incorporate a wide range of fillers and lubricants. Kevlar, stainless steel, bronze, P.T.F.E. and glass have all been successfully incorporated into a wide range of products as well as flame retardants, blowing agents and other compatible thermoplastics.

Because of our size and methods of polymerisation we offer a unique service to our  customers by "tailor making" materials to suit their exact requirements.

We can modify melt viscosities to suit individual machine requirements, add pigment to give colour compounded pellets and can incorporate a wide range of additives for flame retardancy, reinforcement, lubrication etc.

We are able to formulate grades of polyurethanes to comply with FDA and European standards for food contact.

In short we will manufacture, in complete confidence, the product YOU require.



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